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Diamond tulle tights, slim
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When to wear tights?

When to wear tights?
The etiquette always wanted tights to be worn regularly at weddings and mainly at elegant events.
Today, however, we go further: it is no longer just the chicest ceremonies that call for the tights, but the vast majority of the most "daily" winter outfits, with legs in evidence ça va sans dire.

Whether they are formal outfits or looks in need of an extra twist, the tights will prove to be truly perfect and irreplaceable allies, as well as an unmistakable sign of elegance and good taste.

For the office or for important meetings, go for the classic black tights, veiled for a more sensual and opaque effect for essential combinations but with a strong personality, while for looks with a high rate of glamour, play with fantasies. The new collections don't really put the brakes on your imagination!