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Diamond tulle tights, slim
Back stripe tights, slim
Diamond tulle tights, sneakers slim

Transparent and lightweight tights

Transparent and lightweight tights
The evergreen tights, which everyone worn at least once in their life, are the total black veiled model: ideal for hyper-feminine outfits, chic or to give the set shades of the 80s super-glam really irresistible. It will be impossible not to notice you.

For real femme-fatale effects, instead, wear a pair of veiled black tights with a back line that immediately make the legs appear longer and tapered: highly recommended for evenings in the name of romance or for outfits with a high rate of charm.

After 20 denier, there are the semi-covering or covering tights, ideal for "everyday" life, from the office to the aperitif. They are really the perfect tights to face the cold of winter without compromise and with a touch of style.

As for transparent tights, black is the safe choice for tous les jour, which is why Nina Ray chose this colour for all her models!
It ranges from the most classic office patterns, such as pied de poule, chevron or polka dots, to the most pop prints perfect for outings with friends, such as vertical stripes or geometric designs, to tights with a glam-rock soul made especially for cooler evenings, such as animal proposals, lozenges, or tulle fans.

And you, what tights are you?