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Tights or not tights? This is the (fashion) dilemma!

Tights or not tights? This is the (fashion) dilemma!
Yeah, because in fact one of the most controversial accessories for a woman is the very famous pair of tights: "how", "when" and – above all – "if" wear the tights. They often turn out to be more than simple questions of the authentic puzzles, really challenging even for the most experienced.

Let's start immediately from this question: is wearing tights still to be considered "out"?
Fashion, as you know, often pushed fashion-lovers to show their legs "like Mom made them" - naked - even in the middle of winter, with goosebumps and the cry of: "If you beautiful you want to look, a bit you need to suffer!".
But is that still the case? The answer is: absolutely not!

In recent seasons, in fact, the designers of the most famous “maisons” extensively rehabilitated the tights, making them return to being not only objects of seduction and essential must-haves for the coolest wardrobes, but often also real allies of feminine beauty.

Therefore, given this age-old question of tights or not tights - the basic rules remain to be defined on how to wear them in style and choose the right model on any occasion.

Don't be afraid: Nina Ray will never allow you to miss a shot and you will walk through the cold season at a safe pace (and with definitely glamorous legs!).