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Tights and body positive

Tights and body positive
Nowadays we often hear about body shaming, that is scorning of a person for her physical aspect. The onset of this phenomenon, however, lead to the development of a series a strong movement, also supported by international icons and stars: the body positive.

This is a social movement aiming at supporting unconventional bodies, bodies that stand out in comparison with the "standards of beauty" that social media support.
Acceptance, appreciation, and love for one's own body, and that of others, are the cornerstones of this movement and its ultimate goal is the elimination of discrimination and body shaming.
The question that may arise is: what does body shaming and body positive have to do with tights?

Unfortunately, in recent years there have been an increase in cases of people, even of international fame, scorned and mocked by negative comments on social media as they decided to wear a simple pair of tights even with shapely legs.

Precisely for this reason it is important to convey and spread a message: a woman is perfect thanks to every single imperfection, and she is beautiful and charming in any size, regardless of a 38 or a 46.
In this regard, we want to encourage less brave women to buy Nina Ray tights because the available patterns, whether geometric, polka dots, or mesh, fit perfectly the legs of any woman.
Nina Ray urges you to be brave and wear your tights and show off your legs with pride!