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Diamond tulle tights, slim
Back stripe tights, slim
Diamond tulle tights, sneakers slim

The right sock with the right shoe

The right sock with the right shoe
The woman sock often turn out to be an insignificant garment and of little importance.

During the winter season it often happens to wear socks without thinking about the fantasy, the colour, the choice of style that could be made because they are often hidden by boots, trousers, high sneakers.

The problem, however, arrives with summer: an open sandal, a pair of low sneakers, a pair of stiletto heel...and here the tighs must be chosen with care. But how?
If you want to get a short mesh sock, wear it with a black sandal or with refined slingbacks to make your outfit original but elegant at the same time.

If, on the other hand, you want to dare with jewel tights, I would advise you to choose a simple décolleté so as not to weigh down your outfit too much. The jewel tights are already your jewel.

Do you want to dare with a colourful and bright heel? In this case, the best choice is neutral tights to have a balanced contrast, but chic at the same time.

The tights and stocks and the type of footwear are like two pieces of a puzzle: they must perfectly fit together  to create a beautiful picture.