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Diamond tulle tights, slim
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Diamond tulle tights, sneakers slim

The etiquette of the tights and the patterns they offer

The etiquette of the tights and the patterns they offer
According to the etiquette, the legs should never be shown naked except in informal situations or in summer.
Tights, therefore, must be a constant in a woman's wardrobe and they are suitable for any kind of occasion: ceremonies, business meetings, gala dinners, shopping with friends, etc.

To enhance your legs, it is necessary that the tights are chosen and considered as a distinctive garment,  but how?
Choose with care and attention the model of tights to match the look of the day: polka dots, lozenges, diamonds, lines, geometric figures, hearts, chevrons, are just some of the patterns to consider for the choice.

Nina Ray Box offers two unique and exclusive fashion design tights every month to meet the different style requirements and suitable for any occasion.

With the subscription to the Nina Ray Box, it is possible to get every month the main models in line with the fashion trends for a total look original and a "wow" effect.