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Diamond tulle tights, sneakers slim

Stronger, tear-resistant tights? We have them!

Are you tired of buying low-strength tights that stretch easily and so you find yourself buying them frequently!
A topic of great interest among our users is precisely the resistance of tights, how easily prone to stretch marks or whether they are tear-proof;
All of us women would like to avoid the discomfort of getting embarrassing stretch marks while We would all like to avoid embarrassing stretch marks while out and about and the hassle of having to repurchase tights after the first use. We do not expect tear-proof tights, but durable tights that don't stretch easily!

Seamless tights that do not fear easy stretch marks

Seamless tights that do not fear easy stretch marks
Today Nina Ray is here to inform you that with regard to these issues, we have developed tights that are more durable and less prone to rips and stretch marks.
The tights I am telling you about are those in our online shop in the section "tights seamless' or 'seamless tights'.

In this section you can easily spot different types of seamless tights, such as:
  • the 15 denier super sheer seamless tights, both black and nude in two different
    shades: "medium" and "light", in order to meet the different complexions of our customers as much as possible. complexions of our customers, in order to create a 'second skin' effect;
  • the seamless 30 denier sheer tights, also in both black and nude in two shades 'medium' and 'light';
  • the 50 denier seamless tights, present only in black and in microfibre, in order to give a feeling of greater warmth to your legs in the coldest periods;
  • the super-sheer 20 denier seamless tights, but only available in black, as unlike the other tights in the line, which are always super-sheer but also available in nude colours, the latter have a stripe at the back, as Nina Ray wanted to surprise you by giving the seamless tights line that touch of glamorous style that is at the same time elegant and sophisticated, suitable for your most sophisticated looks.


Why seamless tights?

But what is the special feature of seamless tights that makes them more durable than other tights lines? Certainly the main feature that makes these tights more resistant is the fact that there are NO seams inside the yarn of the tights.

This unique feature of Nina Ray tights makes it possible to create a more resistant product, as the NON presence of seams reduces the likelihood of tears and stretch marks inside the tights. In fact, thanks to our research, we have ascertained that stretch marks and tears occur precisely around seams and marks of various kinds inside the tights. of the tights.

Stronger, tear-resistant tights? We have them!

And it is precisely as a result of this research and investigation that we decided to create the seamless tights line, precisely to guarantee and provide our users with a product that is more resistant and why not, also more comfortable and elegant!

Furthermore, all Nina Ray tights are 100% Made in Italy and 100% developed with recycled and innovative yarns, manufactured using modern techniques and technologies, so that we can offer our customers sustainable and high quality tights.