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Diamond tulle tights, slim
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Diamond tulle tights, sneakers slim

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion: the socks

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion: the socks
Spring Summer 2022 fashion offers refined fabrics, evergreen garments, whimsical details, and it was inspired by the fashion of the 90s, in pastel tones and new colour combinations.
For the new Spring-Summer collection, the choice of miniskirt is also back in force, perfect to wear on occasions where it is better to wear for a less comfy and more sensual look.

As for the colours, the colour block returns, that is the colour matching technique that combines garments of different and contrasting colours, to show off a gritty style. The PE 2022 collections are represented by a wide range of bright colours: pastel and bright shades as well that, combined with each other, lead to harmony.

What about the socks?
With the arrival of hot temperatures, they return to fashion, typical of the ‘90s.
How to wear them?
An ankle-length jeans is the ideal choice, while for shoes you can wear a pair of chunky loafers or basic sneakers.
The focus is on making the socks the protagonists, for a casual but fashionable look.

Among the emerging trends, the mesh sock also returns, a symbol of sensuality in the 60s, for a complete a trendy and original look.
Mesh socks can be worn differently: you can wear a pair of sneakers, a loafer or even a stiletto heel to give a chic touch to the outfit.