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Company Policy

DueLegs company belongs to the Gambetti Group and deals with the production of socks and tights, representing the "industrial" branch of the family group. It is able to supply large numbers and large volumes, with the aim of 100% exploiting its production capacity, ensuring all customers:
  • unimpeachable service;
  • compliance with the delivery term;
  • production of high volumes;
  • control and management of costs in favour of the customer;
  • full autonomy in all processing phases;
  • health, safety and well-being at work of its employees.
The conquest of Customers therefore implies:
  • constant monitoring of the product, especially from a product quality point of view;
  • a business process system capable of meeting the Customer's needs.
DueLegs S.r.l. is the result of 50 years of research and quality obtained also through continuous information flows between a team of people, who for two generations now passionately dedicate their skills and experiences with the aim of always offering a product that meets the demands of more and more demanding customers.
The company's management promotes the culture of quality and health and safety through the commitment of all those who work in the company and for the company.

Thus each employee is involved and aware of their role and relative responsibilities in achieving the objectives and continuous improvement that is the basis of the competitiveness required by the market to which they belong.
To achieve what is proposed, the Management promotes this document and ensures that at all levels of the organization, including the interested parties, it is understood, spread out and shared, through the alignment of the strategies, processes and resources put in place to achieve the expected results.

Given the internal and external context, the positioning on the market, the explicit and implicit needs of customers and other interested parties, the Management considered it essential to enforce adequate governance tools that could prove the commitment set forth herein.

Through the application of the proposed guiding principles, the Management pursues the following objectives:
  • generate profit for the company, to guarantee business continuity, through the compliance of the product with the explicit requirements specified by the Customer, with implicit requirements according to the specified use, as well as with the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to our sector of activity, managing the risks and the consequent opportunities;
  • ensure the satisfaction of the implicit and explicit needs of all interested parties, internal and external, identified in the reference context;
  • implement and maintain an integrated Quality&Safety management system built according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI ISO 45001 standards, aimed at satisfying the customer's requirements within the context of their context and the regulations applicable to our sector of activity, implementing a mutual exchange of experience with a view to a true partnership and giving great importance and priority to the health, safety and well-being of workers;
  • systematic search of continuous improvement and optimization of the organization and of the production and management processes, to reduce the waste of means and resources where possible;
  • cooperation with the customer, in the definition of the product and in the methods of service, to gain their trust, the result of a mutual exchange of experiences;
  • use qualified suppliers who are able to ensure constant quality production and periodically evaluate them to ensure their adequacy;
  • periodically analyse business risks/opportunities;
  • operate in compliance with all the applicable legal provisions on health and safety in the workplace as well as the principles voluntarily signed against both workers and customers;
  • ensure the improvement of safety and health performance by defining appropriate performance indicators to achieve the company objectives;
  • plan and implement with criteria designed and decided together with all workers able to prevent and reduce possible injuries and accidents, adopting the best available techniques;
  • involve all staff for the management and implementation of the integrated quality and safety management system, aiming more and more at a "teamwork", according to the specific competences and roles and commitment in the consultation and participation of workers through the company's social workers.
The members of the Management, in close collaboration with each other, periodically review the product and process indicators to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system, as well as the impact that the strategic decisions adopted have on the satisfaction of the Customer, on the requirements of the stakeholders belonging to the context, in the context of the management of risks and opportunities for the company.

Guidizzolo, 31/07/2020
The Management


These Privacy Policy describes how we process your personal data for our services available on the NINARAY.COM website and other related websites where these rules appear at the bottom of the page (individually referred to as “the site”).
Your use of other websites operated by DUELEGS Srl or by other companies in the DUELEGS SRL group is subject to the privacy rules published on those websites. By accepting the Privacy Policy and the User Agreement at the time of registration, you expressly consent to the use, storage and disclosure of your personal data. These Privacy Rules will be effective upon acceptance by new users and in other cases will take effect from December 4, 2009.

Data Controller
By using DUELEGS SRL services, you agree to the following:
  • DUELEGS SRL is the controller of your personal data;
  • DUELEGS SRL processes your personal data for the provision of DUELEGS SRL services pursuant to the User Agreement, pursuant to these Privacy Rules and in accordance with the principles indicated therein.
You can browse our site without revealing your identity or other personal information about you. After you have provided your personal data, you are no longer anonymous to us. If you choose to provide us with your personal data, you agree to the collection and use of your personal data as described in these Privacy Rules.

DUELEGS SRL may collect and store the following personal data:
  • name, email address, address and telephone number, date of birth;
  • information about transactions based on the activities you perform on the site (such as offers, purchases, sales, items and content related to your account);
  • shipping, billing and other information you provide to purchase or ship an item;
  • messages posted in the Forums, dispute resolution, correspondence through our website and correspondence sent to us;
  • information acquired from your interaction with our site, services, content and advertising, including computer and connection information, statistics on the number of contacts, traffic to and from the site, advertising data, IP address and standard information on Internet access;
  • additional information that we ask you to provide to us to verify the authenticity of your identity or if we believe that you are violating the rules of the site (for example, DUELEGS SRL may ask you to send an identity document or a bill to verify your address or to answer further online questions to verify your identity or the property of an object that you have put up for sale); alternatively, DUELEGS SRL may resort to other lawful methods for the collection of information in order to verify your identity;
  • information acquired from other companies, such as demographic data and date of navigation;
  • further information you provide.
DUELEGS SRL does not sell or transfer your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We may associate your data with information we collect from other companies and use it to improve and personalize our services, content and advertising. If you do not wish to receive commercial communications from DUELEGS SRL or participate in our advertising personalisation programmes, simply indicate your opt-out preference or follow the instructions provided in the communication or commercial message.

DUELEGS SRL collects your personal data in the first place to offer you a safe, easy, efficient and personalized service.
You authorise DUELEGS SRL to use your personal data for the following purposes:
  • provide services and customer support at your request;
  • resolve disputes, collect fees and define problems;
  • prevent potentially forbidden or illegal activities and enforce our User Agreement;
  • personalize, measure and improve our services, content and advertising;
  • inform you of our services and those of the other Group companies, send you commercial communications, service updates and promotional offers based on your communication preferences; and compare the accuracy of the data and verify it with third parties.
Scope of communication of your personal data
 DUELEGS SRL has the right to disclose personal data in order to respond to legal requests, enforce our rules, respond to complaints that an advertisement or other content violates the rights of others or to protect the rights, property or safety of everyone.

DUELEGS SRL may share your personal data with:
  • other Group companies to offer joint content and services (such as registration, transactions and customer service), to help identify and prevent potentially illegal activities and to guide decisions on products, services and communications. The other Group companies will only use this information to send you commercial communications if you have requested their services;
  • service providers with whom we have a contractual relationship and who take part in our business activities (such as fraud investigations, bill collection, affiliate and incentive programs and co-branded credit cards);
  • other third parties to whom you expressly request that DUELEGS SRL send your personal data (or on which you have otherwise received express communication and to whom you consent when using a specific service);
  • police forces or other public officials, to respond to a request relating to criminal investigations or alleged illegal activity. In such cases, DUELEGS SRL will disclose the information and data necessary to carry out the investigation, such as name, city, postal code, telephone number, email address, history of user ID, IP address, claims for fraud and history of offers and listings;
  • subjects participating in the Verification of Property Rights Program (VeRO) linked to a confidentiality agreement, in the terms in which DUELEGS SRL, at its discretion, deems necessary or appropriate to carry out investigations or investigations relating to the commission of fraud, computer fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights, acts of computer piracy or other illegal activities. In such cases, DUELEGS SRL will disclose name, address, city, postal code, country, telephone number, email address and name of the company;
  • other companies, in the event of a merger or acquisition between DUELEGS SRL and the company in question (in this case, DUELEGS SRL will require that the new company processes your personal data as set out in these Privacy Rules. In case your personal data is used in a way that does not comply with these rules, you will receive a prior communication to this effect).
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in order to respect your privacy and preserve our ability to prevent malicious people from accessing the Community, we will not disclose your personal data to law enforcement, public officials, and other third parties without verifying the existence of a subpoena, court order, or substantially similar legal proceedings, except in cases where we believe in good faith that disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent imminent physical violence or financial loss or to report suspicious illegal activity.

Sharing your data on DUELEGS SRL
If you access our site from a public computer or from a computer at an Internet Point, some of your information may be visible to others who use the computer after you. After using a public computer, we invite you to log out of DUELEGS SRL and delete the cookies.

Use of data provided by DUELEGS SRL
DUELEGS SRL allows you to share your personal data and financial information in order to complete your transactions. We encourage you to communicate your privacy practices and respect the privacy of other users. DUELEGS SRL is not able to guarantee the privacy or security of your data that you choose to share, so we recommend you check the privacy and security rules of the subjects with whom you intend to conclude a sale before starting a transaction and choose to share personal information. To protect your privacy, we only allow limited access to contact information, shipping information, and user financial information to simplify your transactions. When users are engaged in a transaction, they can access each other's names, user IDs, email addresses, and other contact and shipping information. In all cases, you must comply with the personal data protection legislation and give other users the opportunity to request the deletion of their name from your database as well as to verify what information and personal data you have collected on their account.

You agree to use user information solely for the following purposes:
  • purposes related to transactions on the site that are not unsolicited commercial communications;
  • use of services offered through the site (e.g. escrow, insurance, shipping and fraud complaints) for other purposes expressly indicated by a user.
Prohibition of spamming, spyware or email counterfeiting
 DUELEGS SRL and its users do not tolerate "spamming", that is, the unwanted and unsolicited sending of material and information of a commercial and advertising nature. Check to set your email communication preferences so that we can communicate with you as you wish. We invite you to report cases of spamming or counterfeit emails to DUELEGS SRL by sending an email to It is forbidden to send commercial and/or advertising emails or in any case content that violates our User Agreement. DUELEGS SRL carries out an automatic verification of the messages and can use manual filters to verify the presence of spamming, viruses, attempts to acquire personal data, to carry out other illegal activities or to transmit illegal or prohibited content, but does not permanently store the messages sent through these tools. If you send an email to an address not registered in the Community (through Send to a friend or other tools), DUELEGS SRL does not permanently archive the email sent by you, does not use the email address for marketing purposes or transfer for compensation or sells such email addresses.

Account protection
 Your password is the only "key" that allows you to access your DUELEGS SRL account. Use complex numbers, letters and special characters and do not disclose your password to third parties. If you decide to provide your password or personal information to third parties, you will be responsible for all actions taken with the use of your account. If you lose control of your password, you may no longer be able to control the use that is made of your personal data and be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, if for any reason your password is compromised, we recommend that you report it to DUELEGS SRL and change it immediately.

Access, control and modification of your personal data
 You can view, control and modify most of the data saved in the DUELEGS SRL profile at any time. In general, DUELEGS SRL will not manually modify your personal information since it is very difficult to verify your identity remotely. We invite you to update the data in a timely manner in case of changes or inaccuracies. After sending, you can no longer edit or remove published messages. DUELEGS SRL will close your account and delete your personal data as soon as reasonably possible upon your request to Customer Service based on the activity of your account and in compliance with current regulations. DUELEGS SRL retains personal data associated with closed accounts to comply with current regulations, prevent fraud, collect any outstanding fees, resolve disputes and problems, offer assistance in the event of any investigation, enforce the DUELEGS SRL User Agreement and take other actions in accordance with the law. For further information, please contact Customer Support.

Your data is stored on our servers. DUELEGS SRL processes data as an asset to be protected and uses numerous tools (encryption, password, physical level protection, etc.) to protect your personal data from unauthorised access and disclosure activities. However, you will be aware that third parties may illegally intercept or access private transmissions or communications and other users may illegally or improperly use your personal data collected from the site. We do our best to protect your privacy, but we cannot promise that your personal data or private communications will always remain confidential.

Third parties
Except in the cases expressly indicated in its Privacy Policy, this document refers exclusively to the use and disclosure of data provided directly by the user. If you disclose your personal data to others (bidders, buyers or sellers) on our site or on other websites, the use and disclosure of the data you disclose may be subject to other rules. DUELEGS SRL does not control the privacy policy of third parties and the user is subject to the privacy rules of those third parties if applicable. We invite you to take information on this before communicating your personal data to others.

DUELEGS SRL may modify the content of its Privacy Policy at any time by publishing the new version on its website. All new terms and conditions will be effective 30 (thirty) days from the date of publication


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