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My Style

My style is lightness and freedom to be what you want in every moment of life. Nina and the Niners' legs are dressed in colors and designs that make people happy, giving the pleasure of wearing a luxury without too much ostentation.

From an early age, I create the clothes of my dolls with light and colorful drapes and adorn them with flowers, feathers and crowns on their heads; in addition, I comb them making beautiful braids with shiny ribbons inside their hair.

My style is a mash-up between the Bohemian and the Hippy mixed with very refined and precious details.
I feel represented by the BOHO style that perfectly combines the irregularity of the fabrics and colors of the extensive American countryside together with the impeccable chic of the workmanship and the enviable transparencies typical of the metropolitan upper middle class of the third millennium.

Symbols of freedom will always be present in my creations: the butterfly, from the smallest to the largest, the big and colorful 70's flowers and the light feathers.

My Boho style is for the Niners a way to be unique and inimitable, but above all the Niners will be happy to release their new femininity: delicate and sensual.

In addition to the Boxes, the shop offers you the most requested tights