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Made Green In Italy

Made Green In Italy
This is a very important aspect that I would like to share, namely because I chose to have my Nina Ray sock line produced in Italy.

Apart from the infinite love I have for Italy thanks to the exquisite food, the wonderful cities where you can breathe years of incredible history and the wonderful sea that surrounds and warms the lands of the entire peninsula, in this beautiful country there are wonderful people who thanks to their creativity and their inspiration have been able to invent Italian Fashion, in whose areas in particular the Art of stocking stands out.

I discovered that in Mantua, in particular, there is the sock district. Here I met two wonderful "guys", William and Lorenzo, whose beautiful family business for 50 years has been a reference in the production of tights and socks of the highest quality for many top brands around the world.
When I talk about MADE IN ITALY I mean that my socks are completely made in Italy and by Italian expert hands.

I come to Italy about once or twice a month and I always visit the kids to check the quality of my productions. In the company they now consider me as one of the family and I feel really pampered.

I work closely with their " Research and Development" department that supports and helps me, offering me innovative yarns, new dyeing techniques or modern technologies applied to socks to be able to offer my Niners always the top!!!