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Seamless Tights

15 DEN Extra sheer

• Seamless nude tights in ultra-comfortable 15 deniers
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Size guide

Size guide

Seamless Tights

Nina Ray seamless tights are flawless, ultra comfortable. The 15-den seamless tights are extra-sheer, fit perfectly to the body, thanks to the soft shaping waistband you will have a perfect silhouette. The innovative design makes them essential and invisible. In this case there are no gussets to promote adherence to the body. They are also sustainable tights, made from recycled Q-NOVA® yarns.
  • Ultra comfortable seamless all nude tights- 15 den 
  • Sustainable, essential, stylish and invisible
  • Fits every body perfectly.
  • The soft seamless waistband is snug and comfortable and gives a beautiful silhouette.
  • No gussets and no seams
  • 15 den appearance - extra sheer effect
  • Recycled yarn Q-NOVA® by Fulgar. Eco-sustainable Nylon 6.6 obtained from regenerated raw materials and meets precise traceability requirements.


The right choice for a greener planet
100% Made in Italy Tights completely made in Italy by Italian experts
Not only tight manufacturers We produce high quality tights that respect the environment. How? With sustainable raw materials, production without waste, efficient management of consumption.
Renewable sources We only use energy produced from renewable sources for the utmost respect for the environment. We do not use heavy metals or hazardous chemicals in the dyeing process.
Packaging Our packaging is sustainable and recyclable. This allows us to reduce CO2 emissions, pollution, water and energy consumption.