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Environmentally Friendly Tights

Environmentally Friendly Tights
Every year thousands of tights end up in landfills, without giving them a second life.

In recent years, however, more and more attention was paid to the concept of environmental sustainability and, also with regard to tights, increasingly greener solutions are being implemented. Sustainable tights that are manufactured with organic mixtures or with the use of recycled yarns are constantly evolving and they are finally on the market and within the reach of all consumers.

These new yarns were immediately highly appreciated by attentive women who make environmentally friendly, greener choices. In a short time, even the women generally buying classic polyamide and elastane tights were converted to new materials.

The recycled yarns begun to impress the minds of consumers thanks to the softness, elasticity, and resistance they provide.

Women, even in the small choices of daily life, can change the world and safeguard our planet.