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Eco-friendly fashion

The fashion industry is among the most polluting and, for this reason, in recent years many brands tried to become as eco-friendly as possible. 
But how do you get to a sustainable fashion? First of all, a garment can be considered eco-sustainable when it is made without exploitation of cheap labour and child labour. Secondly, from an economic point of view, the fashion system must guarantee well-being to the whole chain, not just to the seller. A healthy economy generates evolution and the latter, in turn, generates well-being.
From an ecological point of view, the use of environmentally friendly materials, treatments and disposal processes is of fundamental importance. To date, however, the most effective solutions that guarantee sustainability are two: recycling and extending the life of a garment.
Nina Ray tights and socks are made with recycled yarns to combine style and fashion with the concepts of sustainability. The workmanship of the yarns is such that it is possible to guarantee a green garment without neglecting important factors such as comfort and fit. Nina Ray is the perfect choice for a woman who does not give up elegance and style by opting for eco-friendly fashion.