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Comfort tights suitable for all shapes

Comfort tights suitable for all shapes
Very often when trying to find the most suitable tights for our needs, one of the necessary and most requested by our users is that they are comfortable and practical.
So as you may have guessed, today Nina Ray is here to talk to you about "comfort tights" and able to therefore to bind your shape in the most comfortable way possible.

When we talk about comfort tights, we are talking about tights that are comfortable and at the same time opaque and warm enough to make us feel comfortable on all occasions. So if we mix comfort with warmth and opaqueness, the result is our 50 denier seamless tights, present inside the 50 denier tights. denier tights, found in the online shop in the seamless tights category.

This type of tights is perfect when you are looking for comfortable and cosy tights, as because it is a product made of soft microfibre, with an innovative seamless bodice seamless, therefore not marking the waist, guaranteeing a perfect fit and softness without uncomfortable squeezing and excessive constrictions. Furthermore, if you choose the 50 denier tights, the legs are softly covered, guaranteeing ideal protection in the coldest months of the year, without renouncing elegance and style!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Nina Ray website and try our comfort tights, suitable for all your needs!