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Diamond tulle tights, slim
Back stripe tights, slim
Diamond tulle tights, sneakers slim

Are you always undecided about what tights to wear? Don't panic Nina Ray is here for you!

Are you always undecided about what tights to wear? Don
Too cold, too hot, too sheer, too opaque ... and I could go on, but I'll stop here! How many of you are always undecided about which tights to wear?! Well from now on you don't have to worry anymore, because Nina Ray has the perfect solution for all those of you who among you who never know which tights to wear.

The solution I have thought of for these cases concerns the use of 30 denier tights, as they are sheer tights, but at the same time quite opaque!

In our shop we present this type of tights both within the tights section basics, available in all sizes in black, or in the seamless tights section.
In this case the 30-denier tights are available in black as well as in the colours nude in two different shades, namely 'medium nude' and 'light nude'.

So what are you waiting for? Let yourself be enchanted by all my models!