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Gift Box

Nina Ray Box 1 month

A truly original gift for a friend, a special woman, a glamorous mom or simply to make yourself for the pleasure of receiving a box with intriguing content: two pairs of exclusive tights in design and quality made with recycled yarns of the highest quality and packaged with materials  in harmony with the environment!
The sizes are comfortable and suitable for different body sizes.
La Nina Ray Box
Open and discover two pairs of black patterned tights, selected for you by Nina Ray to dress your legs
Let yourself be surprised exclusive models of the fashion collection where the detail is not noticed but remembered
Touch Green quality tights made with recycled yarns obtained with regenerated raw materials
The right choice for a greener planet
100% Made in Italy Tights completely made in Italy by Italian experts
Not only tight manufacturers We produce high quality tights that respect the environment. How? With sustainable raw materials, production without waste, efficient management of consumption.
Renewable sources We only use energy produced from renewable sources for the utmost respect for the environment. We do not use heavy metals or hazardous chemicals in the dyeing process.
Packaging Our packaging is sustainable and recyclable. This allows us to reduce CO2 emissions, pollution, water and energy consumption.